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Introduction to our Village

Henham remains a rural community although now perhaps better described as a 'community in a rural setting.' As with most other villages in the area, there are few whose income is dependant on the land and the majority of working residents travel away from the area to seek a living. However on the positive side we retain our own church, primary school, village shop with a post office, public house, village hall, church hall and community centre. Our population is approximately 1250 plus.

The history of Henham now has its own website at Click here.

Transport News
Road Closure Notices

Intended closure of Chickney Road, due to commence on 25th November 2019 for 5 days. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Essex County Council undertakes excavate to replace damages 20m secion of foul sewer water.

intended closure of Chickney Road, due to commence on 9th December 2019 for 3 days. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Gas Transportation Co Ltd undertakes gas main to supply new housing estate.

intended closure of Dark Lane, due to commence on 9th December 2019 for 1 day. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd undertakes detailed examination of rail over road bridge. Closure in place 0930-1530hrs.

Abbotsford Bridge reopened on Wednesday 27 November 2019. Two-way traffic lights will be in place for approximately one week while reinstatement works continue on site. This will be followed by two weeks of offline works where we finalise and demobilise the site, during this period there will be no carriageway incursion.

The bus operators have been informed that the road is open however, the shuttle bus service will remain in place until the original route that was operational before the closure can be reinstated.
ECC has put up a webpage to provide details and updates here: 

For Trusty Bus updates:

Please check for the most up to date information

Visit the Essex Police website for their top five safety tips for a number of main crimes that are committed around this time of year:

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Village News

Proposal for new homes – Land East of Mill Road

Many residents received a flyer today regarding a proposed housing development on Mill Road for 40+ homes.
The developer is inviting residents to comment.
Henham Parish Council strongly advises that you DO NOT respond until a formal application is received and our advisors offer advice. If you respond now, they will deal with your concerns within their application.

Henham Parish Council will advise you further at the appropriate time.
Thank you
Henham Parish Council

Parish Councils of Stansted, Elsenham, Henham and Ugley

UTT/17/2266/OP 220 dwellings, Land North of Bedwell Road and West of Old Mead Road

Residents may be aware a developer has applied to build 220 houses on land in the parishes of Henham and Ugley abutting Elsenham Village. Residents have until 28th November to respond.
This attempt to squeeze 220 houses into a totally unsuitable site with vehicular access point from Bedwell Road is strongly opposed by JPCSG. The traffic from this site would have to either turn right at the access point and travel through Ugley Green to the main Stansted Road, or turn left and journey through Elsenham and Stansted Mountfitchet to leave the site. These egress points are totally unsuitable for this amount of traffic and will lead to more misery for residents attempting to leave the area.
So here we are again with yet another unwelcome development. We are asking you to respond to the current consultation by 28th November. We list below the reasons we believe the development should be refused. Please use these and any reasons you may have to oppose the development. You can respond either online via UDC website quoting UTT/19/3573/OP at or send an email to or write to UDC Planning at Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4ER. Please ensure you put you name and address on any correspondence.

Points for Residents to make:

• The application relies almost exclusively on the lack of a 5-year supply, but this is outweighed by the significant harm that will be caused e.g. to the countryside and the road system.
• This is a poor choice of site for housing - a motorway on one side and a mainline railway on the other.
• Elsenham is a village where growth is restricted, but already over 500 new houses have been permitted since 2011 with applications pending for over 600 more.
• Henham is a small village where nearly 90 houses have been permitted since 2011. It is not Elsenham or Henham’s job to accommodate this high level of growth and their character is being eroded and services such as schools and doctors are suffering - this is the point which has now been reached - no more!
• Proposals for 800 houses on the adjoining Fairfield site were dismissed by the Secretary of State in 2016 on the basis that Elsenham is not a sustainable village for such growth and the road system cannot cope - this position has not changed.
• The site will not be served by sustainable transportation. Walking distances are excessive e.g. the walking distance to the primary school is 2km, not 1.2km. Cycling to the 'outside world' is currently non-existent, there is a poor bus service and hardly anyone uses the train - commuting is impractical. This means that most residents use their cars which is a poor judgement on sustainability credentials.
• The site is beyond the settlement limits for Elsenham so in the countryside. The setting of villages such as Elsenham and Henham in the surrounding countryside is a key feature of their identity. There is strong protection of the countryside from development. The proposals would result in a loss of that precious countryside which would cause significant harm outweighing any possible benefit.
• The same can be said about loss of good quality farming land.

Gigaclear Update: We have been informed by Gigaclear that they have received a permit to work down Old Mead Road earlier than they thought – Essex Highways have plans to carry out roadworks further south which would cause a confliction in road diversions, so they have given Gigaclear a permit to complete the work on this stretch of road before they start, preventing any delays to us bringing fibre to Henham.  

The Parish Council has received the following update about Gigaclear work in Henham:

Gigaclear is working with Superfast Essex to build a full fibre broadband network in certain parts of Essex. As part of this programme, a small number of properties will be enabled by Gigaclear in Henham. To see if your property is included, please check your property's status at . Not in the plans? You can register your demand at

Just like other utilities, building the network involves digging trenches in private land (with permission), highway, the carriageway, verges and paths. We are currently aiming to continue our network building through to June and this will include parts of Chickney Road being closed as part of these works. Our contractors will provide a letter drop to residents who live on the affected road closure informing them of the work which will be undertaken, and updates will also be provided to the Parish Council.

If you have any queries regarding the network build, please contact our Network Build Care team on 01865591137 or e mail

Nick Baker
Chair HPC

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