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Preview of March Dragon

There are and have been over the years a wide range of clubs in the village but never before a Secret Sausage Club! You can read about this innovative enterprise and have the opportunity to try the produce free!


We know that Spring is definitely on its way so now might be the time to venture out and raise our fitness levels by joining the Omega Club which will soon be back in action (or for that matter any of the other activities which are available to us in the village). One of our writers is definitely doing that and so much more. We hope her efforts will be rewarded with donations to her fund-raising page for her chosen charity.


Finally inside this months Dragon magazine you will find a very useful information brochure that has been produced for the villagers by the Henham Parish Council. This booklet will now supersede the annual Dragon Directory.

Carol Elson (March Editor)

 If you know of any events that we might include please –tell us at or phone any of the Committee. It is always useful to avoid clashes with other organisations.

April 23rd Pic ‘n Mix Tennis Club Finals

September 23rd Hospital Cup Finals Day