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August Dragon
This month’s dragon is packed with all kinds of information. You will find:
• Useful info about Marriage Allowance - page 9
• News from Essex Highways about the progress of work at Abbotsford
   Bridge - page 6
• Information about the new bus timetable from David Morson - page 5
• An update from SSE - page 24
If you are looking for inspiration for the summer holidays, look no further than the articles about Daisy May’s Farm, Hatfield Forest and The Gardens of Easton Lodge. You might also like to see what’s on at Saffron Hall for some great family entertainment. And of course, as always, there are many other informative, interesting reads.  
So happy holidays and happy reading!
Carol Elson

Hall Bookings
Church Hall Isobel Brooks 850354
OSCA Jill Smales 850541
Village Hall Pauline Foster 850610
HUSCH Jane Smith 850016