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OSCA - The Old School Community Association

The OSCA building comprises of two rooms, a hall and a kitchen. There is also a defibrillator located outside to the left of the main entrance.

The Library
Its walls are lined with books, which may be borrowed on the Honour System. It has fitted carpet, sofas, armchairs, a desk and a table. The Bridge Club meets in the library, Henham Parish Council and several other clubs have their meetings here. It is perfect as a quiet place to escape to when holding a party in OSCA.

The Main Hall
Wooden floored and large enough to fit ten tables seating 80 people.

The Back Room
Wooden floored with a central rug. This room also has a sofa, several armchairs and a mahogany dining table in the centre of the room.

A new fully fitted kitchen with a new domestic oven, fridge and microwave. Lots of work space for laying out food.

Hiring costs

Village Rates
Monday to Friday:
Morning £12
Afternoon £12
Evening £12

Morning £15
Afternoon £15
Evening £50

Morning £15
Afternoon £15
Evening £15

Outsider Weekend Rates:
Day £40
Evening £65
Weekday sessions £15

Company Rates
Day £50
Monday to Sunday Evenings £70

To hire OSCA please contact: Jill Smales - 01279 850541
Any other queries contact: Carol Eaton - 01279 850591
Treasurer: Peter Ward - 01279 850442