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Affinity Water Works - update from Lucie Cox at Affinity Water 18th April 2017 
*water main update*
Last week 200m of water main was installed on Chickney Road and the High Street. We have started to reinstate many of the excavations from Springate Farm to the village.
This week we will be excavating further down the High Street in preparation for drilling. We want to get 400m of water main drilled in place along the High Street. We also continue to make trial holes on Woodend Green to locate the water main. At the same time, our operatives will be locating services to homes which can be transferred to the new main.
Although we are now seeing good progress, unfortunately we’ve experienced a lot of challenges leading to some delays. Unfortunately in a change to the assertion I made in a previous post, our work will not be completed by 21st April. I am sorry for any confusion or upset this may cause. Our new completion date is 15th May. Please be assured that we are working as hard as we can to be finished by this date and, as ever, we are very grateful for your support.

Affinity Water Works - Wood End Green